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Today, there’s a growing list of new challenges for many small local retailers and wholesalers. In addition to competition from the big box stores, on-line retailers have changed the way consumers purchase everything from groceries to home goods. Margins are shrinking, and consumers are constantly comparing prices to get the best deal. To compete in this market, you have to run a lean and efficient operation. We’ll work with you to track your expenses and make solid recommendations to cut costs and improve margins. We’ll also complete a detailed financial statement for your business in real time, so you will always know where you stand. Additionally, we will assist you with setting up state and local sales tax reporting in your POS system, as well as creating all required revenue and expense tracking and reporting systems.

We service a number of clients in the retail & wholesale industry:

•Discount Wholesale
•Grocery Stores
•General Merchandise Stores
•Jewelry Stores
•Specialty Retail Stores
•General/Merchant Wholesale

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Whether you are a small business owner or just starting out, regardless of the industry your in, our professionals can help you save time and money, while growing your business.

Industry News

Imports on Dock

Tariffs Are Not Having Big Affect On Retail

There are a number of industries who are feeling the affects of the new tariffs placed this year, though, the retail industry does not seem to be slowing down even with the tariffs.

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Grocery Store Chips Aisle

Retailers Are Already Hiring For Holiday Season

With the competition already being tight, many retail stores have already begun hiring since July for the holiday season. Stores are offering a number of incentives to entice workers.

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Inside of Retail Clothing Store

The End Of Retailers Not Here Yet

For the past couple of years, many economists have been talking about the demise of retailers. This, though, has still yet to happen with retail sales still looking to be in good standing.

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