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Rhode Island State Capital Building

RI Facing $160 Million Gap For Next 19 Months

  • Posted: 11/30/2018

This past Thursday, a legislative expert had stated that Rhode Island is looking to face a $160 million deficit over the next 19 months. It is reported that the state is looking at falling short around $48 million for the 2018-2019 budget and an estimated $112 million for 2019-2020 budget.

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Person Holding iPhone in Hand

Small Businesses Are In Support of 5G

  • Posted: 11/29/2018

With 4G now available on everyone's mobile phone, there is no demand for it. However, some businesses are starting to offer free 5G wifi, which is cloud based that offers faster connectiosna and will provide greater connectivity, higher quality videos, and better performance with processing credit card transactions.

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Hand Writing Approved

Banks Now Competing With Tech Giants on Small Business Loans

  • Posted: 11/27/2018

It used to be that the only way a business was able to receive a loan was to apply for one through a bank, now a number of tech giants such as Square, PayPayl, and Amazon are offering small business loans. This new trend is causing banks to accept riskier loans and offer competitive pricing, which many believe could cause another recession.

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Blue Outline Unlce Sam

The New Tax Brackets for 2019

A carbon tax is being proposed, which would amount to $24 per ton. This tax law created to help the environment, would actually hurt agriculture, oil and gas, trucking, and manufacturing industries. The cost of the taxes would also be passed on to the consumer causing them to also pay more.

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Person Holding iPhone in Hand

How Augmented Reality Helps Small Businesses

Augmented Reality(AR), is being used by small businesses, such as retailers online, to allow consumers the opportunity to try on clothing on their computer device rather than having to shop at the physical location to try it on. This is helping many industries retain their customers by allowing them to view and try products before buying them.

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iPhone with Credit Card

Square Is Adding Extra Benefits for Small Businesses

Square had become famous for allowing small businesses to easily accept eletrconic payment through a plug-in phone credit card processor. The tech giant is now looking to further help small businesses, by offering the ones who use its payroll, the option to offer benefits of healthcare,retirement savings, and more to their employees.

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