Our local community is filled with hospitality businesses, offering us many unique products and services. Whether you operate a B&B, a restaurant or bakery, we provide extensive insight into your specific operation and accounting needs, such as recording revenue, cost of sales (costs of food and labor), and business' operating expenses. We’ll determine your business' overhead costs, record capital expenditures and calculate the allowable depreciation on your equipment. We’ll also will set up local and state taxes on your POS systems, review sales and reports generated from them to update your financial records, ensuring your business is always operating efficiently.

We service a variety of clients in the hospitality industry:

•Bed & Breakfast
•Café/Coffee House
•Donut Shop

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Whether you are a small business owner or just starting out, regardless of the industry your in, our professionals can help you save time and money, while growing your business.

Industry News

Boss Creating Work Schedule

HotSchedules Is Introducing Two New Scheduling Offerings to Small Businesses

HotSchedule is a workforce and back office solutions provider that caters to the industries of restaurants, retail, and hospitality. They are offering small business owners two news services to try out.

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Teenagers Sitting and On Phones

How Your Restaurant Can Keep Younger Staff From Leaving

With the millennial generation getting older, a new generation is starting to enter the workforce. Gen Z are more likely to start their careers at restaurants compared to other industries, but restaurants must work to keep them there.

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Inside a Hotel Room

U.S Hotel Occupancy Had Raised Last Month

For the last week of September, U.S. Hotels were able to see raises in not only their occupancy, with a 1.7 percent increase, but also with their average daily rates and revenues per room.

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