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Are Your Struggling With Common Business Accounting Problems That Are Holding You Back?

As a small business owner it is your ultimate goal to have your business excel. But, is it really in the best financial shape or are you suffering from one or more of these common business accounting problems:

  • Is your business struggling with managing cash flows, keeping track of expenses, or finding difficulty in reconciling your books?
  • Do you need help in making financial decisions or which deciding the right direction to take to help grow your business?
  • Is it becoming difficult to run your business being both the HR and payroll person, having to stay up to date with the latest regulations?
  • Are confused and unsure of the tax laws and regulations your business must follow?

You are not alone. Many small businesses owners will face these challenges, but will feel they can manage the problems on their own. Trying to fix payroll and tax issues yourself can lead to fines, penalties and perhaps even an audit by the IRS. Attempting to solve financial troubles and decisions alone can result in your business going into the red, meaning you won't have the capital to operate your business, pay off loans, pay your employees or yourself, and possibly leading to having to close or sell your business.

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Cash Money

15 Tax Deductions for Entrepreneurs

The new tax code law has maintained most of the self-employment deductions and now has included some new deductions to help offer some relief. Some of the tax deductible benefits the self-employed can look to claim this year is: receiving a deduction on 50 percent of the Social Security and Medicare taxes your pay as both employer and employee; you will still be able to deduct 50 percent on food and beverages having to do with business, though certain entertainment expenses have been eliminated. Small businesses now have a new deduction, the Qualified Business Income Deduction (QBI), in which they can deduct up to 20 percent of their QBI.

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Smoking E-Cigarette

Rhode Island Proposing 1% Tax In Vaping

Senator Ana Quezada of Rhode Island is proposing that the state enact a 1 percent tax on the sales of hookah and vaping products. The senator plans to use the money from the acquired sales tax on the products to send back to cities and towns to go toward educating the youth on the dangers of smoking e-cigarettes. A spokesman for the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association argued that the state has plenty of money to already educate the youth with the nearly $200 million they collected in 2018 from tobacco revenue. He also went on to say the tax would be a punishment to those looking to get away from smoking tobacco products.

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Tax Return Check

Massachusetts and Rhode Island Residents Angry Over Smaller Tax Returns

This year has seen the biggest tax overhaul in years from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Many residents in Massachusetts and Rhode Island are frustrated over seeing a smaller tax return, though they did not pay more in federal. With the new withholding changes, many Americans were taking home more home in their paychecks, which resulted in less being withheld and having a lower tax return. Unfortunately, the new cap on SALT tax deductions hurt many residents as the automobile taxes, high real estate taxes, and high state taxes for both Massachusetts and Rhode Island caused many to go over the $10,000 threshold.

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