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Expand Your Business Potential

A majority of small business owners who work with an accountant will be more profitable and experience growth compared to those who don't use an accountant. Having our firm as your strategic partner means you'll receive the necessary tools, benefits, and information you need to help your business improve and succeed, while saving your time and money.

Focus on Your Business, We Handle the Rest

No more spending countless hours of your time completing grueling and confusing tasks. We complete all of your accounting, payroll, and tax needs so you can focus on doing what you love. We also provide you with detailed reports so you're always aware of where your business stands.

Trusted Advisor That Understands Your Business

Your business is unique and will have different financial needs compared to another small business. Receive a year-round strategic partner that will provide proactive advice along with valuable services to help your business achieve the results you want.

Save Money & Grow With Tax Savings & Strategies

As a small business owner, your ultimate goal is to grow your business and its profits. Experience growth and savings through an efficient tax savings and business strategy plan to help you receive all legal deductions & cut unnecessary costs, while avoiding penalties, fees, or surprise tax bills.

Your Success Is Our Business

Our team is dedicated to ensuring you receive the proper resources and guidance needed to achieve the results you want for building lasting success.

Our Expertise

The success of your business is as important to us as it is to you. Our services are designed to help solve all of your financial concerns, while creating a proactive strategy to achieve the results you want.

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Analyze & Build Custom Strategy

During your initial consultation, we will analyze your business goals and create a custom strategy in order to achieve those goals.


Execute The Strategy

At the conclusion of the consultation, we will go over how the custom strategy will meet your business goals and begin executing the plan.

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Latest News

Credit Cards

Best Small Business and Entrepreneur Credit Cards

Whether your business has been established for a number of years or it is just starting out, you will at some point need a credit card for the business. USA Today has created a list of the best credit cards for the needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs that will help business owners have an extra bit of capital for business ventures, track expenses and keep costs low, while owners are able to gain rewards.

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Nav Offering Chance to Win $10,000

Nav, a free site and app that allows small business owners to find financing options and have access to their business credit scores, is offering another opportunity for small business owners who are in need of funds to grow their business by receiving a $10,000 grant. The company's Small Business Grant was created in 2018 and has since awarded $50,000 to businesses across the nation, as the CEO and co-founder, Levi king, had stated that capital is a bog pain point for small businesses.

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Massachusetts State House

MA State Budget Plan of $42.7B Being debated by Senate

A state budget for Massachusetts amounting to $42.7 billion was proposed by the Senate this past Tuesday due to advocates from nursing homes and college students storming the Statehouse asking legislators to provide additional funding. Many who are advocating for additional funding for nursing homes have stated that many are closing down and others are understaffed due to financial issues. The Massachusetts Nursing Care Association claimed that seven out of every ten patients in nursing homes rely on Medicaid.

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